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Jade Bae crop

A passion for community development has taken media student Jade Bae to Mumbai, where she will intern for a local NGO committed to providing quality education.

01 Uniken China crop

With the rise of China delivering sweeping economic benefits, it’s time for Australia to come to grips with one of its most robust and potentially problematic relationships.

28 Victoria Hunt1

An emotional exploration of Maori culture has secured dancer and choreographer Victoria Hunt a prestigious Helpmann Award nomination.

21 iOU2013

A group of Australia’s most critically acclaimed dancers has performed a choreographed “thank you” to UNSW’s Creative Practice Lab.

21 Bloomsday 0

James Joyce’s modernist masterpiece, Ulysses, has been brought to life at Bondi as part of UNSW’s annual Bloomsday celebrations.

17 Rasmussen istock crop

Many of the 6 million children diagnosed with ADHD in the US have been prescribed amphetamines as a treatment, which can lead to addiction and overdose, warn Pieter Cohen and Nicolas Rasmussen.

14 Craig Goward

The salary gap between men and women in NSW is narrowing, according to the second annual report on the status of women released at UNSW today.

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The decision to dismantle the provision of ESL services in government schools could have permanent and irreparable damage, write Chris Davison and Michael Michell.

11 Yang crop

While the Australian arts scene is healthy, there needs to be more cultural diversity and recognition for the arts in general, writes William Yang.

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The threat to national security posed by cyber espionage and hacking is real and growing. An essential first step to tackling the issue is greater public disclosure, argues Alan Dupont.