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Knitting for penguins is part of a trend that allows people to connect creativity and activism, and do some practical good in the process, writes Alyce McGovern. 

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St Patrick's Day and Irish identity have become inseparable from Guinness, but is Ireland best served by aligning itself with a slickly marketed beverages company headquartered in London, asks Ronan McDonald.

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A review of the defence department is a herculean task and its success relies on challenging vested interests and institutional inertia by establishing an independent inquiry with a broad remit, writes Alan Dupont. 

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There are many reasons why people get involved in yarn bombing, but the common thread is the desire to share a message – political or otherwise – with the community, writes Alyce McGovern.

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Aboriginal Australians are nearly 18 times more likely to end up in prison than other Australians, new research by Adjunct Professor Don Weatherburn has found.

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The Oscars are supposed to be definitive, the grown-up verdict bestowed by the biggest film industry on Earth. But do they deliver, asks Julien Murphet. 

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Instead of a military solution to the Syrian conflict, the US must join with Russia to pursue a unified diplomatic approach to end the bloodshed, writes Anthony Billingsley. 

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One of Australia’s leading composers, Paul Stanhope, has been appointed the new Artistic Chair of the Australia Ensemble, UNSW’s resident chamber music group.

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Biomedicine has ensured that HIV is no longer a fatal condition, but changes to human behaviour are still the most effective way to curb the epidemic, argues Professor John de Wit. CONFERENCE

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The opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics was a summary of the Putin era: new media and classicism combined to celebrate nationalism, pride and a symbolic resurrection of Empire, argues Greg Dolgopolov.