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The Ottawa parliament, the Lindt cafe, Charlie Hebdo – all are militant expressions of a rage against history within modern Islam, writes Clive Kessler.

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The aftermath of Christmas is a good time to think about where our obsession with production and consumption is getting us, writes Ted Trainer.

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An anime-style comic book being developed at UNSW will offer entertainment and inspiration to the more than 60 million children left behind in rural China.

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International climate change talks will not save the planet by themselves, but they put important pressure on nations to do their part, writes Christian Downie.

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Chef turned International Studies student Damien Hawes has brought food and education to children living in a Philippines rubbish dump.

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Attempts to curb online bullying are like chasing a moving target and cyberbullying will continue to change and evolve irrespective of the policy regime, writes Ilan Katz. 

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Modern-day incendiarism draws on a long tradition of insurrection and continues to capture the public imagination, writes Gemma Clark.

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Future historians may well come to see 2014 as a bellwether year in international affairs, marking an epochal shift to a new, more turbulent world order, writes Alan Dupont.

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Hip hop artist, jazz drummer and UNSW's first Indigenous music graduate Rhyan Clapham is using his rap music to combat racism and strengthen ties in Aboriginal communities.

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China’s First Lady Madame Peng Liyuan has visited UNSW’s Confucius Classroom as part of President Xi Jinping’s trip to Australia.