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Abolish multiculturalism and the strong nationalist impulse in this country would go unchecked, writes Geoffrey Brahm Levey.

Energy poverty

The well-being of low-income households is being seriously undermined by the increasing cost of housing and electricity, write Alan Morris and Lynne Chester.

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The catchcry of Islamophobia is used to silence legitimate debate and to imply that any unwelcome comment about anything to do with the Islamic tradition is unwarranted, argues Clive Kessler.

Disabled child

Parents of children with disabilities who self-manage their funding support are significantly happier than other carers, an Australian-first study has found.

Jane Emma

Princess Kate's sudden centrefold status is unfortunate and ethically appalling. But if the royal minders really think it unexpected or unthinkable, perhaps they're the ones inhabiting a fairytale fiction, argues Emma Jane.

A new initiative providing stable housing for people with mental illness can dramatically reduce hospitalisation rates, a new report has found.


Successive Australian governments have skewed our defence priorities and failed our soldiers, argues Alan Stephens.

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Australians are hungry for some vision in our politics and for some debate on the big-picture questions about how we see ourselves as a nation. But can our politicians deliver, asks Sarah Maddison.

Olubas books

UNSW's Brigitta Olubas will host the first symposium to celebrate the work of Shirley Hazzard, one of Australia’s most significant expat authors. The NY event will feature distinguished writers from Australia, the US and UK.

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Rising electricity costs have led to a state of energy poverty for low-income households, often leading to ill health and social deprivation, research has found.