Arts & Social Sciences

Rose Grey

Research into gender-based crimes has secured PhD student Rosemary Grey an invitation to a prestigious Hague Symposium on international justice.


PhD student and documentary producer, Sanaz Fotouhi, has created Australia’s first Persian Film Festival to challenge cultural misconceptions.


The prospect of having all significant Australian newspapers controlled by just two individuals suggests a bleak outlook for the coverage of political debate, argues David McKnight.

Syria flag cropped

The recent bloodshed in Syria reflects a history of incompetence on the part of the Arab League, says Anthony Billingsley.

Gandhi Dodson cropped

Gandhi’s lifelong fight against British Imperialism bears similarity to Indigenous Australia’s push for constitutional recognition, Professor Patrick Dodson told an audience at UNSW's inaugural Gandhi Oration.

Kate crawford

The experience of the Queensland floods has moved us beyond the slanted view of social media services as echoing halls of babble, writes Kate Crawford.

Michele Bruniges

The Director-General of Education and Communities in NSW, Dr Michele Bruniges, has been appointed honorary Adjunct Professor in the School of Education.

GERRIC cropped

As the summer holidays wind down, most students are avoiding thinking about school, but for more than 100 gifted children from across NSW, classes have already begun.

Iran conflict cropped

OPINION: Relations between the United States and its ally Israel have descended into the worst crisis in years. Anthony Billingsley questions whether the situation will end in conflict.

QLD.floods cropped

Social media is revolutionising disaster management and community building during and after emergencies, research into last year’s Queensland floods has found.