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Australia must commit to new “highly secure” systems instead of using inherently vulnerable software and machines, writes Greg Austin.


A decade after the first coordinated cyber attack, the players might be the same, but cyber operations have changed dramatically, writes Tom Sear.


Many Australians are frightened by the prospect of terrorism on home soil, but statistics show there's little to worry about, writes Greg Austin.

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The Australian Cyber Security Centre 2016 Threat Report has some concerning details about the state of Australia’s cyber security, writes Jill Slay.

China cyber crime

It's no surprise that China represents a cyber threat to Australia. The real issue is what are we doing about it, writes Greg Austin.

Cyber attack

The US and the UK realise the urgent need for serious investment in cybersecurity. So why is the Australian government taking the issue so lightly, ask Greg Austin and Jill Slay.


The debate about online privacy versus the battle against crime was given new life this week with an attempt in Brazil to ban the popular messaging application WhatsApp, writes Jill Slay.

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Can you be defamed by a search engine’s autocomplete algorithm? What happens when indigenous life experiences become data in the name of reconciliation? Could (and should) police use statistics, Minority Report-style, to predict a crime?


UNSW Canberra, home to Australia’s only university-based cyber weapons test range, is launching the country's first degree in cyber security, strategy and diplomacy.