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Allegations of serious misconduct against Australia's special forces should be handled with greater consideration for the reputation of soldiers who have done no wrong, writes Deane-Peter Baker.

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Reading Ham and Gerwarth's sombre narratives beside FitzSimons' nationalist boosting shows he really doesn't understand the Great War, writes Peter Stanley.

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Ataturk's famous letter to Anzac mothers gives some comfort to those left behind but is yet another wartime myth, write Peter Stanley and David Stephens.

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Melbourne Museum’s new exhibition, with its well chosen artefacts, tells the human stories of Australians in WWI, writes Peter Stanley.

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British historian Peter Barton’s The Lost Legions of Fromelles tells a familiar story – of slaughter in the ditches and marshes of Word War One – but it also warns us to be wary of popular legend, writes Peter Stanley.

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Has a national obsession with Anzac hijacked centenary commemorations of the Great War? Read the full story and more in the latest issue of Uniken.

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Career networking is an immoral attempt to gain an illegitimate advantage over others, Ned Dobos argues. 

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Improving our understanding of armed conflict and its impact on society is the focus of a new research centre launched at UNSW Canberra.