Australian Defence Force

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Even healthy, well-adjusted veterans struggle with the transition from military to civilian life.


Leaked defence force documents allege Australian special forces soldiers in Afghanistan committed acts such as possible unlawful killings. If the allegations are found to be true, how could those involved be charged and prosecuted?


The Australian Defence Force's new Information Warfare Division will require time and political capital to shape a capable workforce, writes Greg Austin.

Sarah Watson

From singing the national anthem to active duty in the Middle East, UNSW-trained psychologist Sarah Watson's unusual career path is driven by a passion for helping others realise their potential.


After 14 years of continued military presence in Afghanistan, the Turnbull government must decide what's next for Australia in the conflict, writes Ian Bickerton and Christopher Kremmer.

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The reported theft of design details of Australia’s new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by Chinese spies is just one in a long history of security breaches, writes Steven L. Jones.

Plane 2

If Australia is serious about buying the jump jet version of the Joint Strike Fighter it would be wise to look at why the UK is the only country to change its mind on the sale, writes Steven L Jones.

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Defence must weigh the complicated costs and benefits of acquiring jump jets, not just in terms of strategic value and capabilities, but additional acquisition and sustainment costs, writes Steven L Jones.

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The term 'fifth-generation' is not so useful when trying to analyse how well suited the Joint Strike Fighter is to Australia’s strategic needs, writes Steven Jones. 

Defence spending

While the US is critical of Australia's recent cuts to defence spending, what matters is not how much you spend, but how and where you spend it, argues Alan Stephens.