Australian economy

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Australia's "deflation" shock makes for higher expectations of a budget day rate cut, writes Richard Holden. 

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Long election campaigns give candidates more opportunities to come unstuck, writes Richard Holden.


No matter how one cuts the data, there's no evidence that conservatives are better managers of the economy, writes James Morley.

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This week the rising Aussie dollar gives the RBA cause for concern, credit-fuelled spending slows, and US unemployment ticks up amid growing US confidence, writes Richard Holden.

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Both the US and Australia face a global economy that is in deep, deep trouble, writes Richard Holden.

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Three important measures of confidence in the Australian economy were released this week, writes Richard Holden.


The Australian economy exceeds expectations, while China continues to worry. RBA Governor Glenn Stevens has reason to smile, Janet Yellen less so, writes Richard Holden.


Even if 2016 is a tough year for the world economy, Australia is in the right place at the right time, writes Tim Harcourt. 


Fresh fruit and vegetables are currently exempt from GST for equity reasons, but it’s time for a rethink, write Dale Boccabella and Kathrin Bain.


Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey need to get their budget stories straight because neither the public nor the party room will tolerate being treated like fools, writes Richard Holden.