Australian Human Rights Centre


UNSW Sydney today confirmed its intention to release annual data for reports of, and responses to, sexual assault and harassment.


Philip Alston has urged policy makers to recognise the connections between poverty, inequality and human rights as he delivered the Australian Human Rights Centre's Annual Public Lecture. 


UN Special Rapporteur Philip Alston will outline how extreme inequality and poverty violate human rights when he delivers a free public lecture at UNSW on Thursday 10 August. 


Weekly visits by UNSW students to the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre have culminated in a special issue of Human Rights Defender magazine.

Michael Posner

Michael Posner will discuss the crucial role companies can play in protecting and promoting human rights, and solving global challenges, at Australian Human Rights Centre’s Annual Lecture. 

Respect students

UNSW has launched a new campaign to prevent sexual assault and harassment, partnering with all Australian universities on a major national initiative.


Separate lawsuits filed against Costco and Nestlé alleging the use of slave labor in their supply chains could spark a reassessment of corporate social obligations, writes Justine Nolan. 


The UNSW Social Policy Research Centre will host a debate about whether people with disabilities should ever legally require substitute decision-makers. 

16 Ingram 0

An international forum to address widespread exploitation of low-paid migrant workers in the Asia Pacific region will be held at UNSW on Tuesday 21 October.

3 SOGI 1

SOGI’s Story – a UNSW-led educational comic book and video project about same-sex love and discrimination – will help tackle stigma and violence in 16 African countries.