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David Murray, the Chairman of the Financial System Inquiry, and the RBA’s Guy Debelle will speak on Global Financial Stability at the UNSW Businesss School's Australasian Finance and Banking Conference next week

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Minimum wages might be okay, but progressive taxes are better at tackling income inequality, writes James Morley.

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The current crop of MBA students suggests there is no basis for the notion that women are risk-averse and therefore shouldn't be on bank boards, writes Renee Adams.

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The biggest swing factor in the budgetary outlook is not the terms of trade, but labour productivity. And it is arguably the factor that’s hardest to predict, writes Richard Holden.

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Like their human equivalents, corporate divorces can have benefits, but can also be very messy affairs, writes Peter Kien Pham.

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The Brisbane G20 leaders' summit has failed to grapple with key issues around the limits of economic growth, sustainability and how to distribute wealth more equitably, write Anne Junor and Geoff Harcourt.

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UNSW academics are available to comment on what's shaping to be one of the most significant G20 meetings in many years.

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The superannuation system does not need more regulation; it needs a regulator equipped and prepared to use the powers it has, writes Scott Donald.

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The government may oppose carbon trading, but it seems horse trading is another matter, with households and small business left to shoulder the costs for the RET, write Iain McGill and Johanna Cludius.

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If a treasurer or a billionaire blames quantitative easing for rising inequality and argues the best solution is to lower taxes, I recommend a little scepticism, writes James Morley.