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All borrowing, whether domestic or foreign, entails a tax impost.This borrowing is only justified if it is to fund long-lived public goods that I, and others, benefit from collectively, writes Peter Swan.

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The Abbott economy doesn’t look terrible. But it doesn’t look great, either. Unemployment is up, growth is flat, and confidence is down, writes Richard Holden.

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Are even the very best big-data driven practises guilty of asking the wrong questions of the wrong data? asks Peter Swan.

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Feelings of loss and helplessness often drive unhealthy behaviours, a fact used by marketers to boost sales. But consumers can fight back, writes Nitika Garg.

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The terminology used by treasurers in recent decades reflects serious conceptual misunderstandings of how real economies work, writes Geoff Harcourt.

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Poke a Russian bear with a trade stick and he will retaliate. That's the lesson facing Australian exporters in the wake of the MH17 disaster, says UNSW Business School’s Tim Harcourt.

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Minds are now focused on whether the US Federal Reserve will move to raise its near zero interest rates following two pieces of conflicting economic data, writes Glen Otto.

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Companies that install independent directors not only cause shareholder losses but also weaken every aspect of a firm's performance, writes Peter Swan.

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Competition Policy Review Chair Ian Harper and UNSW's Fred Hilmer are among experts speaking at a UNSW competition law and policy conference on Wednesday 6 August. 

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UNSW Chancellor David Gonski will present a free public lecture, Creating Social Change: From innovation to Impact, at UNSW on Wednesday, 6 August.