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Virtual reality is allowing scientists to walk through a breast cancer cell to observe the delivery of nanoparticle drugs, potentially speeding up the drug-design process.

Breast Cancer Cell

A powerful new technology that maps the “social network” of proteins in breast cancer cells is providing detailed understanding of the disease at a molecular level and could eventually lead to new treatments.

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Work is underway to discover if human tears can play a role in the early diagnosis of breast and prostate cancer.

Fertility is a priority for many young women with breast cancer, yet new research has found many have little knowledge about fertility issues, leading to confusion and conflict around planning for a family.

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UNSW has gone pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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A drug commonly used to treat breast cancer also gives impressive results for prostate cancer when combined with radiation therapy, according to researchers from UNSW and the Prince of Wales Hospital.

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UNSW researchers have highlighted concerns about the clinical use and cost benefits of one of Australia's most expensive publicly funded medicines, the anti-breast cancer drug Herceptin.

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Trials are about to get underway at UNSW for an oestrogen-based breast cancer drug that could aid in the fight against schizophrenia. The story behind the trials is outlined in the July-August edition of Uniken, which is now online.