UNSW's School of Mining Engineering is hosting free information seminars for high-school students where they can find out about 15 new scholarships worth more than $700,000.


Russell Boyce is leading Australia’s largest team of space scientists and engineers in a project to harness the opportunities beckoning on the final frontier. 


There is no doubt that plebiscites are powerful indicators of public opinion, but when it comes to complex public policy questions, they can detract from good decision-making, writes Jenny Stewart.


Alarm bells are ringing as the ACT government continues to buy key rural properties, writes Jenny Stewart.

bush fire

After the catastrophic bushfires in Canberra, UNSW researchers made some fascinating discoveries, including what led to a rare fire tornado. The results of their work will be used by fire fighters to save lives in the future.

Shultz pic crop

Professor Andrew Schultz’s “big and bold” symphony celebrating Canberra’s architecture and landscape will be the anthem for the capital’s centenary celebrations.

Zumbo Frank 1 0 0

Given the games that shopping centre landlords, franchisors and larger businesses can play, it's time small businesses had access to an independent commissioner in the ACT, writes Frank Zumbo.

Teleporter inside

Researchers have achieved a breakthrough in quantum communications and computing using a teleporter and a paradoxical cat.