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Strata law and tenancy law experts explain how the end of the blanket ban on pets in strata affects pet ownership.

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NSW pet tenancy laws do not reflect the needs of society, with strata by-laws impacting the vulnerable, say UNSW experts.

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As more families chose to live in apartments and high-density housing, more thought needs to be put into the bylaws that constrain their lives, writes Cathy Sherry.

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If you don't want to be a lawyer, choosing to study law as a 'generalist' degree could be a terrible waste of time, writes Cathy Sherry.


We can choose to construct property markets in which some privileged citizens stockpile more residential property than they can ever use, or we can recognise that affordable housing is a basic necessity for a fulfilling, autonomous, human life, writes Cathy Sherry.

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The talent demonstrated at the annual NSW School Spectacular highlight a glaring mismatch between perceptions of public education and reality, writes Cathy Sherry.

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Uniforms do not miraculously invest students with important personal values or make them upstanding citizens no matter what the schools themselves might say, writes Cathy Sherry.

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The NSW government is to be commended for the work it has done on strata law, and its preparedness to amend draconian laws, but the proposed pet changes do not go far enough, writes Cathy Sherry. 

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Training people in disciplines they have no aptitude for or interest in is a waste of public money and countless professional lives, writes Cathy Sherry.

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Why should apartment owners be vulnerable to the loss of their home in a way that owners of freestanding houses never are, asks Cathy Sherry.