Einstein 1921

If it hadn't been for Einstein's genius, it may have taken the discovery of the ‘twin quasar’ in 1979 before physicists linked mass/energy with the curvature of space, write Darren Dougan and John K. Webb.

Anzac Poppy World War One

Has a national obsession hijacked centenary commemorations of the Great War? 

Andrew Schultz

"It is climactic and marks a particularly brutal and horrible battle," says UNSW's Andrew Schultz of his musical score marking the centenary of Anzac Day.


The Victoria Cross has become a standard benchmark of valour in war, but is our fascination with the medal skewing our perspective on Australia's military history, asks Peter Stanley.

PeterABC 1

UNSW war historian Peter Stanley joined Richard Glover on ABC local radio to commemorate the centenary of the start of World War I.

mythbusters hero anzac

Our centenary observances tend to be monumental wastes of time and money and we are about to do it all again with the Great War, argues Jeffrey Grey.