child abuse

a female protester is dragged from a soccer field by security personnel

How athletes perceive their human rights is, at last, getting attention, says Nikki Dryden, Olympian and Associate at the Australian Human Rights Institute at UNSW Sydney.


Restorative justice could play a role in institutional child sex abuse responses, according to a UNSW report released by the Royal Commission. 

Child slap inside

A new UNSW study suggests that a ban on smacking could prevent up to a third of child homicides.


A new early warning system for children at risk of abuse, developed in partnership with UNSW, has been launched by the Governor of New South Wales, Professor Marie Bashir.

Abused child inside

Child abuse survivors are almost two and a half times as likely to have poor mental health outcomes and four times more likely to be unhappy even in much later life, according to new research from UNSW.

A UNSW child protection expert has called for a major policy and attitudinal shift on the increasing incidence of child abuse and neglect in Australia, saying the time has come for action.