Children’s Cancer Institute

Artwork showing two hands about to touch behind a star shape of electron orbits

A breakthrough in 3D bioprinting that will revolutionise cancer research is among the UNSW projects which have received a prestigious Eureka Prize award.

 Maria Kavallaris and Gladys Berejiklian

Professor Maria Kavallaris, a pioneer of nanomedicine in Australia, is the 2020 NSW Premier's Woman of the Year.


Specialised robots will rapidly test hundreds of treatments for kids with high-risk cancers at a $1.5M Children's Cancer Institute centre opened by Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.


Australian scientists have discovered the mechanism that accelerates the childhood cancer neuroblastoma and identifed an experimental drug with the potential to stop the disease in its tracks.


New drugs to treat children with aggressive cancers will be fast-tracked into clinical trials thanks to $2 million awarded to the Children’s Cancer Institute.