Chloe Watson

Ganur _Maynard_2019

Ganur Maynard has completed multiple apprenticeships with prestigious law firms in Australia and abroad.

Julia Gillard chats to SBS's Jenny Brockie

Australia's first female Prime Minister spoke at a sold-out event presented by UNSW Centre for Ideas in partnership with the Australian Human Rights Institute. 

Richard Chisholm and Anthony Blacksheild

Anthony Blackshield and Richard Chisholm have been awarded UNSW’s highest honour in recognition of their contributions to the law.

beluga whale russian spy

Whether via a submarine or a whale, spying is a violation of state sovereignty, says Professor Natalie Klein from UNSW Law.

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran

UNSW Art & Design lecturer and ceramicist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran creates colourful sculptures which draw on his Hindu and Christian heritage as well as the internet, pornography, fashion and art history.


Autonomous weapons are cheap and fast but there is rising concern at their ability to make decisions that value human life.


Winning the Katthy Cavaliere Fellowship has special meaning for the artist-curator and UNSW Art & Design graduate Frances Barrett.


Emerging technologies and jobs, AI, interactive media, and access and inclusion will be explored at UNSW Art & Design.


The newly launched Newsworthy initiative provides real-world journalism experience and practical publishing skills for UNSW students.


The Migrant Worker Justice Initiative is participating in a project examining the rights of migrant workers in developing countries.