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Some tax deductions for the cost of managing tax affairs exceed $1 million, but high wealth individual\s can write off the expense in other ways.

UNSW academics explain what tax incentives are needed to help stimulate growth and cushion businesses as Australia recovers from the pandemic. Photo: Shutterstock

Tax experts from UNSW Business School discuss possible tax reforms and quick fixes that Australia could implement to pay off an estimated $1 trillion national debt post-coronavirus.

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When ordinary Indonesians see the “big boys” engaging in corrupt behaviour and getting away with it, they are less likely to be good tax paying citizens themselves, write Chris Evans, Arifin Rosid and Binh Tran-Nam.

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Tax breaks to small business owners outlined in the Federal Budget could lead to greater compliance costs and more 'gaming' of the system, warns Chris Evans.

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The international tax architecture, as it relates to the activities of multinational corporations, is horribly out of date, writes Chris Evans.

Australian personal taxpayers overwhelmingly support the need for reform of the personal tax system according to a new survey conducted by the Australian School of Taxation (Atax) at The University of New South Wales.