Christopher Kremmer


Kerrie Davies' book A Wife's Heart places her own story alongside that of Henry Lawson's wife, writes Christopher Kremmer.

Obama and Hillary

Change in the White House … Change in the Congress, compliant and corrupt … Change won’t come from the top … Change will come from a mobilised grass roots. Lines from Donald Trump? No, they are from Barack Obama, writes Christopher Kremmer.


Australia’s current debate on marriage equality reminds us that sex and love are volatile subjects in every culture. So imagine writing about them in a country like India, writes Christopher Kremmer.

news global

It’s time our journalism developed a global ethic to match its global reach, writes Christopher Kremmer.

book signing

If it’s an election, you can bet that our cash-strapped publishing industry is preparing to unleash another volley of election campaign diaries, writes Christopher Kremmer.


Sonya Voumard’s book marking the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre is a story about stories: Who writes them, who owns them and what happens when the two get muddled, writes Christopher Kremmer.

Adam Goodes

Our Kiwi cousins have done a better job of reconciliation. But it's not too late for Australians to catch up, writes Christopher Kremmer.


Our love of history is a jealous one that seeks to control the story and license those permitted to write it, writes Christopher Kremmer.

Supporters of Julian Assange

In his efforts to bring governments to account, Julian Assange practices a genre of journalism that is sadly lacking in contemporary media, writes Christopher Kremmer.