Cities & Policy


State funding for Sydney's disadvantaged communities is very low compared to Melbourne, highlighting a need to rethink the city's centralised funding approach, write Ilan Wiesel, Caitlin Buckle and Fanqi Liu.


Design that properly considers human behaviour needs to take priority if a planned replacement for the Don Dale Yout Detention Centre is built, writes Jan Golembiewski.


Our concrete jungles are getting so hot they could eventually become uninhabitable. But a team of UNSW researchers is working hard to cool them down.


Campaigners to save Sydney’s landmark Sirius building from demolition had a significant legal win this week, writes Chris Martin.


Market-led housing strategies are leaving lower-paid CBD workers struggling with long commutes and businesses at risk of labour shortages, write Ryan Van den Nouwelant and Laura Crommelin. 


New strata laws won't help housing affordability and may even leave some residents out in the cold, write Laurence Troy, Bill Randolph, Hazel Easthope and Laura Crommelin.