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As increasing diversity and density come to characterise our cities, Edgar Liu, Christina Ho and Hazel Easthope ask how we can build harmonious communities within apartment complexes.


UNSW's Chris Pettit is using Opal card data to analyse public transport commuting times to help inform the design of a more liveable Sydney.

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An enduring and transparent program of federal funding for operational expenses is essential to sustain the social housing system, write Chris Martin and Hal Pawson.


Leaving housing empty and subsidised by government is both taxation lunacy and a national scandal, write Laurence Troy and Bill Randolph.


NSW Premier Mike Baird's $1 billion fund is the first significant initiative to reverse affordable housing shortages in Australia since the 2008, write Hal Pawson and Vivienne Milligan.


As Australia confronts a rush to high-rise living, UNSW is launching the country's first Masters degree in urban renewal and housing, aimed at the planners and policymakers of the future.


The urban renewal boosted by new strata laws is likely to be concentrated in Sydney's eastern and inner suburbs with the western suburbs likely to miss out, a new City Futures report shows.


The growing gap between those who are enjoying the wealth and opportunities and those who are being left behind is no more evident than in our suburbs, writes Bill Randolph.


The changes we can expect under the new Greater Sydney Commission and Urban Growth NSW portfolios will be the focus of discussions marking the 10th anniversary of UNSW’s City Futures Research Centre.

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Provision of affordable housing cannot be left to the market: it requires a commitment of government at all levels to develop well-integrated and properly funded policies, write Bill Randolph, Hal Pawson and Vivienne Milligan.