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Climate change is accelerating beyond expectations and urgent emissions reductions are required, according to a new report by some of the world's top climate scientists.

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The decline of the Hummer sends an ominous economic warning to Australian leaders if they want to rely on relics of the past to grow our economy in the future, writes Dr Ben McNeil.

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The increases in temperature extremes Australia faces this century due to climate change will not be quite as large as some have feared, according to a new study by UNSW researchers.

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UNSW climate scientists and energy experts have given a largely critical response to the Federal Government's emissions trading White Paper.

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Australia's leading climate scientists have written to the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, urging him to adopt an emission reduction target for Australia of 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020.

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The risks and impacts of climate change on Indigenous communities in Australia's tropical north is the subject of a new scoping study led by UNSW's Dr Donna Green.

This special issue of Uniken looks at the broad water-related research that is taking place on campus, as well as some of the practical steps UNSW is taking to minimise its water usage.

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Australia could become a "carbon energy economic super power," says climate change expert, Mike Molitor.

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Public talk by climate change expert, Dr Michael Molitor.