climate change


A panoramic exhibition that visually forecasts the global displacement of entire cultures will have its Australian premiere at UNSW Galleries on Saturday as part of the Sydney Festival.   


In the absence of strong federal action on climate change, many states have developed their own climate and energy policies, write Anna Bruce, Graham Mills and Iain MacGill.


Killer robots, disaster recovery, youth depression, climate change and rising inequality were among the pressing global issues tackled at UNSOMNIA, UNSW’s Grand Challenges launch event.


In a ‘post-truth’ world of divisive debate, are we facing a crisis of confidence in knowledge and expertise? It’s one of the questions to be addressed at UNSOMNIA: What keeps me up at night? at UNSW this Thursday.

Europe China alliance

If Donald Trump turns away from climate action as George W. Bush did, Europe and China can respond by forming an alliance that will turn the United States from a climate leader into a follower, writes Christian Downie.


Seaweed-eating fish are becoming increasingly voracious as the ocean warms due to climate change and are responsible for the recent destruction of kelp forests off the NSW north coast.


Corals might be tougher than you think: almost three decades of analysing reefs off Singapore has shown they are more resilient to the effects of warming and human activity than expected.

solar leaf green

A UNSW engineer who helped energise "lazy" hydrogen to increase the efficiency of the solar cell has won a prestigious Green Talents award and a three-month research placement in Germany.


UNSW is marking the start of Global Climate Change Week with a panel discussion on the costs of mitigation and adaptation including the ACF's Geoffrey Cousins and the Climate Council's Lesley Hughes.


After record-breaking amounts of sea ice in Antartica, this year we're seeing record lows, write Nerilie Abram, Matt England and Tessa Vance.