climate change


UNSW is marking the start of Global Climate Change Week with a panel discussion on the costs of mitigation and adaptation including the ACF's Geoffrey Cousins and the Climate Council's Lesley Hughes.


After record-breaking amounts of sea ice in Antartica, this year we're seeing record lows, write Nerilie Abram, Matt England and Tessa Vance.


The energy consumption of buildings and their contribution to energy poverty and climate change is the topic of UNSW's next Utzon Lecture, tonight Wednesday 28 September.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Fowlers Gap Research Station, UNSW scientists will join local politicians, farmers and the public this week for a seminar on the far west's changing environment.


UNSW Art & Design lecturer Kate Dunn is using everyday ingredients like sugar, clay, coffee and wood pulp to create 3D printed art works from climate change data.   


UNSW has cemented its reputation as a leader in world-class research, receiving $91 million for three national centres of excellence in quantum computing, climate extremes and the ageing population.


UNSW climate change researcher Matthew England has been elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, one of the highest international honours in the earth sciences.


The State of the Climate in 2015 report, led by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, was released yesterday. Unfortunately, it paints a grim picture, write Andrew King and Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick.


UNSW has announced the first leaders of its Grand Challenges, an initiative to establish the University at the forefront of debate and policy response to the biggest issues of our time.


UNSW-led scientists studying a cave in Western Australia have shown that stalagmites formed by mineral-rich water drips from the ceiling could help reveal past wildfires that burned above the cave.