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Thirty-year weather records from 79 locations across Australia reveal peak downpours during storms are intensifying at warmer temperatures, leading to greater flash flood risks. 

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The mystery of the 'missing tropospheric hotspot' – the alleged lack of anticipated temperature increase in the tropical upper troposphere, has finally been solved, writes Steve Sherwood.


The “hiatus” in the rise of global average air temperatures is used as a touchstone argument for those who deny the science of global warming. But it is just a blip compared to the long-term warming we have in store, writes Matthew England.

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The recent slowdown in the rise of global average air temperatures will make no difference to how much the planet will warm by 2100, a new study has found.

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So, what’s causing all this rain? Climate scientists Acacia Pepler and Lisa Alexander take us through the science.


Bandaid solutions to natural disasters and the people they displace are simply not enough. It's time to be proactive, because the cost of inaction will be much higher, writes Jane McAdam.

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UNSW environmental engineer Stuart Khan will advise on new global drinking water guidelines following his appointment to a top World Health Organisation body.

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Ela Gandhi has delivered the 2015 Gandhi Oration, saying her grandfather's teachings are more relevant than ever, with Islamophobia, terrorism and climate change standing in the way of peace.

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Australia’s economy needs to move beyond zero emissions and into the ‘negative emissions’ if we are to avoid the worst ravages of a changing climate, writes Stephen Bygrave.

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Arts/Law graduate Sean Lau will explore the role of Christian ethics in public issues like responses to child abuse and climate change as the state’s newest Rhodes Scholar.