Clive Kessler

Alexandria Mosque

The so-called third phase of Islam has given birth to a new style of Islamic historical consciousness with an accompanying new repertoire of religious sentiments and political sensibilities, writes Clive Kessler.


Mass rallies over the weekend proved a moderate victory for both sides of Malaysian politics, writes Clive Kessler.

Iraqi insurgents

If we are to prevent another Lindt cafe siege we'll need more than just a vague policy of 'deradicalisation', writes Clive Kessler.

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The Ottawa parliament, the Lindt cafe, Charlie Hebdo – all are militant expressions of a rage against history within modern Islam, writes Clive Kessler.

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The world has replaced its contrition for the Jews with feelings of unease about past attitudes towards Muslims. And this new unease takes a strange form, writes Clive Kessler.

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The catchcry of Islamophobia is used to silence legitimate debate and to imply that any unwelcome comment about anything to do with the Islamic tradition is unwarranted, argues Clive Kessler.


After the latest boat disaster, the coalition and the Greens must rethink their position, writes Clive Kessler.