There are logical steps to bringing universities and industry into more productive collaboration, writes Ian Jacobs.


UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs has been appointed to an Australian-first panel of experts to measure the value of university research.


UNSW has welcomed the launch of a $50 million investment fund to help bring to market the innovative research and technologies developed at Australian universities.

13 China roadshow 1

In what is being hailed by Chinese media as a “breakthrough” for collaboration with Chinese industry, UNSW has forged two separate deals focused on technology transfer and research commercialisation. 

In a first for Australia, UNSW will offer most of its intellectual property to companies for free, in a radical step to turn more university research into real-world applications.

Australia could be a world leader in medical innovation but risk aversion and parochialism are holding the industry back, a leading venture capitalist will argue at a public debate at the UNSW next week.

Roderick Sih inside

UNSW researchers have developed a more accurate, less confronting and more convenient way of administering insulin to diabetics.