Darren Curnoe


Old race categories like ‘pygmy’ or ‘Negrito’ are simply incapable of doing our evolutionary history justice, writes Darren Curnoe.


The science of our senses – vision, smell, hearing and taste – offers fascinating and unique perspectives on our evolution, writes Darren Curnoe.

Darren Curnoe

Who dunnit? What led to the extinction of our megafauna? Find out who the suspects are in this latest episode of How Did We Get Here, the series that takes a sometimes irreverent look at human evolution.


The practice of identifying and naming species, or taxonomy, is central to answering the most important questions in biology, but ‘the species’ remains an elusive and controversial concept, writes Darren Curnoe.

How did we get here? Masterchefs

Why are we the only species to grow and cook our own food? And why do we make such a meal of it? Answers to this and more in our latest episode of this fun and fact-filled series with UNSW's evolutionary biologist Darren Curnoe.

Neanderthal skull

It seems the broad menu of sexual tastes our species enjoys extends back to our Palaeolithic ancestors and includes other hominin species, writes Darren Curnoe.


Also known as the Cave Man Diet or the Stone Age Diet, the Palaeo Diet is based on the notion that we should eat as our ancestors did. Scientific fact or fiction? See what UNSW's evolutionary biologist Darren Curnoe has to say in this latest episode of How Did We Get Here?


Artist’s interpretation of an Australopithecus family

Our understanding of characteristics associated with the human genus, Homo, is rapidly evolving, writes Darren Curnoe. 


Take a wild guess what this episode's about. Does size matter? What can we learn from the animal kingdom? Find out in this latest episode with UNSW Australia's Darren Curnoe.


A new UNSW science video series on evolution that explores some of the big questions and myths about what it means to be human has been launched.