killer drone

Attempts to define and prohibit autonomous weapon systems may hold back weaponry of significant value in improving international security, warns Jai Galliott.

Julie Bishop and Shinzo Abe

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s call this week for a deeper, closer strategic and defence partnership with Japan is a watershed moment in the bilateral relationship, writes Alan Dupont.

fighter jet

Given the Joint Strike Fighter's litany of delays and technical problems and suggestions its superiority has already been superseded by autonomous aircraft, it would be prudent for Defence to reduce the number it plans to procure, writes Jai Galliott.

China flag

Two key reports offer a taste of the forthcoming defence white paper, writes Alan Dupont.


Only 10% of the 800 Pine Gap staff are Australian government employees, sparking fears that 'corporatisation' is eroding Australia's knowledge of what goes on at the key intelligence facility, writes Philip Dorling.


The Australian Defence Force has largely been missing in action on climate change and its broader implications for national security, writes Michael D. Thomas.


Invoking Hollywood paranoia about a "robopocalypse"' when talking about robots' role in waging war could hold back life-saving technology, writes Jai Galliott.

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The reported theft of design details of Australia’s new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by Chinese spies is just one in a long history of security breaches, writes Steven L. Jones.

Plane 2

If Australia is serious about buying the jump jet version of the Joint Strike Fighter it would be wise to look at why the UK is the only country to change its mind on the sale, writes Steven L Jones.

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The challenge for Australia is to help persuade Beijing that muscular unilateralism is contrary to China’s own interests as well as the region’s, writes Alan Dupont.