Beautiful one day, infuriating the next, Sydney stands at a crossroads and must choose a path that truly values the interest of its citizens.


UNSW policy makers, planners, engineers and thought leaders are working to help Sydney fulfil its potential as a beacon for urban living.


Design decisions impact the urban microclimate, and ultimately our health and wellbeing, write Paul Osmond and Jonathan Fox.

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 Stripping away fancy computer generated graphs and oh-so-neat sans-serif fonts and replacing them with homemade visuals can open up whole a new way of engaging with science, writes Kate Patterson.


Tiny houses are so hot right now. As Amelia Thorpe argues, in addition to being sustainable, they also offer a valuable way to rethink the way we plan and build our cities.  

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Engineering students in UNSW’s solar racing team Sunswift have been left “shocked” and “incredibly surprised” after beating a crowd-funding target of $30,000 in just 10 days.

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As a designer, crossing the line that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian culture is crucial, writes Trent Jansen.

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Designers need to negotiate the sometimes delicate, sometimes clunky borders and controls that connect consumers to machines, writes Ross Harley.

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The world could be “on the cusp of a return to the Renaissance-style City State,” with two-thirds of our population living in a city by 2050, Business Council of Australia chief executive Jennifer Westacott has told a UNSW audience.

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Whether fashionable or functional, the handbag – and what it contains – is intensely personal, writes Karen de Perthuis.