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If you're abused by a stranger in the street, there's help available. It shouldn't be any different online, write Nicole Vincent and Emma Jane.


Women on the internet have become accustomed to vicious name-calling. But Emma A. Jane and Nicole Vincent say it's time women started reporting such cyber abuse to police.

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The long arm of the Australian law is finally extending to the cybersphere.


Cyber violence is a form of violence. This is because misogynist e-bile – alongside the racist and homophobic versions – can cause its targets actual harm and not mere offence, writes Emma Jane.


What is this dark and dire new trend Dr Emma Jane calls "e-bile"? Why has online harassment taken such a misogynistic and twisted turn? And what are we to do about this cyber-bullying?


Celebrity Charlotte Dawson was a victim of trolling before taking her life. Now women who have been subjected to cyberhate are being asked to help tackle the problem.

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Princess Kate's sudden centrefold status is unfortunate and ethically appalling. But if the royal minders really think it unexpected or unthinkable, perhaps they're the ones inhabiting a fairytale fiction, argues Emma Jane.