Children learning

The key to avoiding silly mistakes is practising to the point where procedures become automatic, writes Greg Ashman.


Teenagers who smoke cannabis at least once a week are less likely to finish school, enrol in university or obtain a degree, according to UNSW research that challenges notions the drug is less harmful than alcohol. 


Australian children have revealed in a series of videos the impact of having a close relative diagnosed with dementia, in a bid to help other children better understand the condition.

school boys

While more school autonomy has its merits, there is no evidence to suggest it lifts a school’s performance, writes Scott Eacott.

climate adaptability

Understanding what motivates us to be adaptable in the face of a challenge will be critical to the human response to climate change, UNSW research suggests.

Law student

Students with large education debts may not be willing to work in government or not-for-profit sectors without additional support, write Richard Holden and Rosalind Dixon.

confident student

Many low-scoring students think they’ve done better than they actually have, meaning they’re more likely to take risks in testing situations, write  Jihyun Lee and Lazar Stankov.

Andrew Martin

The buzz word is resilience, but one educator believes adaptability is what schoolchildren need to thrive. 


Different NAPLAN questions for low and high achievers is beneficial for assessing how students at each end of the spectrum are going, write Jihyun Lee and Lazar Stankov.


Actively engaging diasporas and tapping into their latent Asia literacy is central to breaking Australia's vicious cycle of monolingualism, write Kirrilee Hughes and Kent Anderson.