end of life


A UNSW Sydney study calls for a reorganisation of health care priorities that focus on quality of life rather than prolonging the life of older people with terminal illnesses.

End of Life

A study of the care of elderly patients hospitalised at the end of their life has found more than a third received invasive and potentially harmful medical treatments.

End of Life

One third of patients near the end of their life received non-beneficial treatments in hospitals around the world. These included initiating chemotherapy and providing emergency surgery, write Magnolia Cardona-Morrell and Ken Hilman


Rethinking the way we approach end-of-life and understanding why people are ingrained risk takers are the focus of two TEDxSydney talks by UNSW experts this month.

Ken hillman

The speciality of intensive care has a responsibility to begin a discussion about the limitations of modern medicine and the inevitability of ageing and dying, writes Kenneth Hillman.