Termites might be known for their destructive powers, but new research shows they have innate restraint and an understanding of engineering that would make a master builder weep.


Introducing Australian emus and cassowaries to New Zealand to fill the ecological gap left by the extinction of the moa would most likely fail, reconstructions of the giant flightless birds' feeding behaviours show.


The Prime Minister's recognition of UNSW as a world-record holder in solar cell research in his speech to the UN climate summit in Paris is shining a light on Australian innovation, says Ian Jacobs.


For the first time, non-defence students will be able to enrol in UNSW Canberra's undergraduate engineering programs.


Susan Ireland.jpg

A talk about the molecular effects of artificial sweeteners has taken top honours at the UNSW three-minute thesis finals in a field of winners dominated by medical science.


Robert S. Langer, a pioneer of drug delivery technologies and tissue engineering dubbed ‘the most cited engineer ever’, is in Australia for the first time to receive an honorary doctorate from UNSW.


UNSW has joined an Australia-first pilot program to improve the promotion and retention of women in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine.

water flume

A new wave flume facility – essential to model coastal and inland water behaviour – has been opened by NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes at the UNSW Water Research Lab in northern Sydney.


UNSW Engineering has made two new appointments aimed at boosting engagement with industry in Australia and internationally.


UNSW is hosting Power of Engineering – a full day of events, talks, workshops and hands-on activities for 160 girls in Years 9 and 10.