federal budget 2018


A panel of UNSW Business School experts have assessed the 2018 federal budget - the major items and the details. The roundtable discussion was streamed live, and is available for viewing now.

Richard Holden

Professor Richard Holden, UNSW Business School, explains why the budget was boring - but good.


Professor Christopher Pettit, of UNSW Sydney City Futures Research Centre, comments on the wins and losses for infrastructure in cities.


Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education) at UNSW Sydney, responds to the 2018 federal budget and restrictions on higher education funding.


Politicians are gaming the system politicians when they pull good news forward and push bad news back, writes Richard Holden.


The 2018 federal budget announced by Scott Morrison may be based on sound economics, but it is largely mundane in most areas.


Tax changes, space exploration, support for women in STEMM, housing affordability, the Great Barrier Reef and more: UNSW Sydney experts analyse key details of the budget.