Fergal Davis


A knee-jerk reaction to the Brussels bombings is not the answer. We need a calmer, more nuanced approach, writes Fergal Davis.

Tony Abbott

There’s a perfect storm of circumstances that make our parliament a hotbed of avid anti-terrorism legislators, writes Fergal Davis.

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott speaks the tough language of the post 9/11 era as he pushes for laws we don’t need, writes Fergal Davis.

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It's not enough for our elected leaders to say that anti-terrorism legislation is "above politics" – we must insist on there being proper scrutiny of any new laws, writes Fergal Davis.

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Who will make sure that the new national security legislation is proportionate, necessary and likely to be effective, asks Fergal Davis.

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Proponents of the 'right to be a bigot' are keen to ignore the historical contexts which gave birth to hate speech – something which minority groups should never forget, writes Fergal Davis.

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A secret ballot to elect parliamentary Speakers would allow MPs to choose the best person for the job and reduce party-political bias, writes Fergal Davis. 

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As the federal government  announces its first 'repeal day', it's a good time to talk about the 60 anti-terror laws parliament has enacted since 2001. Are they all necessary, asks Fergal Davis.

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We could look to Sweden for good design of a unicameral political system with safeguards against the kind of single-party dominance we see in Queensland, argues Fergal Davis.

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Europe's Roma and Jews have far too much in common. Let's be empathetic. Let's acknowledge our common history. And then, let's apply our resulting outrage to an ongoing injustice closer to home, writes Fergal Davis.