Flu vaccination is provided free for children with chronic illnesses, yet uptake is low prompting UNSW researchers to call for renewed efforts to get this message out to parents in order to keep affected children out of hospital.

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The most effective way to improve flu vaccination rates among health workers in high-risk clinical areas and aged care facilities is to make it mandatory.


The annual flu season means up to 17,000 more patients a year are staying longer in NSW emergency departments, a new study reveals.


People aren’t productive at work when they’re ill and they risk infecting others, writes Michael Tam.

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It isn’t that surprising that nothing really works for preventing or treating colds. Given how common they are, any truly effective therapy would be a massive commercial blockbuster and hardly a secret, writes Michael Tam. 

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For middle-aged people with narrowed arteries, new research finds the flu vaccine may almost halve the risk of a heart attack. 

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Health care workers who consistently wear special fitted face masks are much less likely to get clinical respiratory and bacterial infections, according to new research led by UNSW academics.

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Donning a mask boosts protection from respiratory illnesses such as influenza, UNSW research has found, but convincing a reluctant public is proving a struggle.

An alarming increase in the incidence of diabetes in children is unlikely to be linked to the flu virus, UNSW medical researchers say.

World health authorities dealing with potentially devastating disease epidemics must be prepared to instigate draconian containment measures like quarantining to prevent further outbreaks like China's SARS, a UNSW researcher has found.