food science

high angle shot of different dairy milk alternatives with their main ingredients

Moo-ve out of the way cow’s milk, we’re drinking more dairy substitutes than ever before.

Cows feeding

UNSW Professor Johannes le Coutre has warned that current food production and consumption cannot continue if we want to reduce world hunger – and help save the planet. 

Man holding a burger

The idea of ordering slaughter-free authentic meat is becoming a reality, a UNSW food and health expert says.

Rona Chandrawati

Dr Rona Chandrawati’s work on colourimetric nanosensors aims to make testing for chemical compounds in food, health and the environment cheap, scalable and accessible.

Bread inside

Bread loaded with vegetable goodness and ice cream with a rice bubble-twist created by UNSW Food Science students have dominated a national competition for new food ideas.

Prawn inside

A UNSW food science researcher has developed a new technique for extracting a powerful antioxidant found in one of Australia's favourite seafood snacks.