Fowlers Gap

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The NSW desert has been hit by record-breaking rainfall, with the biggest downpour in 45 years recorded at UNSW’s Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station.

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The unique scientific features of Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station were showcased, and a new artists' studio opened, during a recent visit by senior staff to the remote UNSW property near Broken Hill.

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Artists, experts on kangaroos, birds and water resources, and senior UNSW staff will visit Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station near Broken Hill today in recognition of the artistic and scientific significance of the site.

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Australia’s only African elephant ecologist Keith Leggett is leading the charge in elephant sustainability studies, along with UNSW's first group of PhD students studying African ecology.

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Visitors to UNSW's Arid Zone Research Station at Fowlers Gap will be accommodated in style thanks to the combined skills of a group of UNSW students.