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Tim Harcourt

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit faces an accelerating tide of protectionism, says UNSW Business School's Tim Harcourt.


Removing trade and other barriers between ASEAN countries would create a more effective regional block, writes Fariborz Moshirian.


Richard Holden considers how Australia should navigate the current turbulent political and economic climate.


We have to be better at helping the minority who lose out from free trade and free movement of labour, writes Richard Holden.

Free trade football

The major parties have some work to do to tackle the protectionist threats from the populist left and right, writes Tim Harcourt.

Korea free trade

Analysis reveals the benefits of free trade deals don't flow as evenly as expected.


Leaked negotiations from a key trade deal show radical plans to deregulate services in Australia, including banking and childcare, writes Philip Dorling.

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As our major trading partners expand their legal procurement-linked industry policies, Australia is swimming against the tide by voluntarily abandoning its own, writes Elizabeth Thurbon.

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Australia’s relationship with China can progress to a new level if China agrees to sign a free trade agreement during the federal governmen's trade mission, Australian School of Business economist Tim Harcourt says.

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The promise of free trade zones and their apparent rapid national proliferation gives the Australian investment community every reason to be optimistic about China’s sustainable future, writes Laurie Pearcey.