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UNSW celebrates the Centre’s successful engagement in key public law debates, human rights charters, technology and the law.

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The mission of Voice — Treaty — Truth in the Uluru Statement represents very carefully sequenced reforms. A proper understanding of these should guide any constitutional changes.

High Court judges

There is a vacuum within the legal profession that allows sexist, racist and other troubling conduct to go unaddressed. This must change.

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Two former high court justices and constitutional experts have thrown their support behind the importance of a First Nations Voice to parliament.


The proposed Indigenous voice to parliament is nowhere near as radical as the government portrays it, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


While public hearings may encourage some witnesses to approach an anti-corruption commission, others may be deterred, write Gabrielle Appleby and Grant Hoole.


The government’s loss of the Solicitor-General's legal acumen and integrity is only the first blow. More serious is the harm done to the office itself, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


The unprecedented conflict between George Brandis and Commonwealth Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson has potentially serious repercussions for government under the rule of law, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


When Attorney-General George Brandis was asked on Q&A about a parliamentary vote on the decision to go to war, he said that was not part of the Westminster tradition. Is that right?


Britain’s highest legal officer was under enormous pressure to give the legal okay for the war in Iraq, writes Gabrielle Appleby. Australia can learn from the fallout.