gendered violence

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The Gendered Violence Research Network at UNSW Sydney help respond to, prevent, and eliminate gendered violence in Australia and beyond.

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Witnesses to gendered violence can play an important role in a victim’s safety.

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The GVRN unites the significant domestic and international research expertise of UNSW to respond, prevent and eliminate gendered violence in Australia and beyond.


Perpetrators use a range of strategies to undermine the security of their victims, says Associate Professor and co convenor of UNSW’s Gendered Violence Research Network, Jan Breckenridge.

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Relying on female victims of gendered cyberhate to expose perpetrators does not address the underlying problem, writes Emma Jane.

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Engaging on the internet has become a very different experience for women compared to men, writes Emma A. Jane.

Does restorative justice offer advantages to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence over conventional justice practices?