George Brandis

George Brandis

The resignation of Justin Gleeson is unprecedented in the 100-year history of the federal solicitor-general and casts doubt on the authority of the Attorney-General, writes George Williams.


The unprecedented conflict between George Brandis and Commonwealth Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson has potentially serious repercussions for government under the rule of law, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


There is good reason to criticise Attorney-General George Brandis and his government for apppointment failures with the royal commission into juvenile detention, writes Rosalind Dixon


If the new arts minister, Mitch Fifield, abolishes the National Program for Excellence in the Arts and diverts its funds back to the Australia Council, he will increase arts funding at no cost to the budget bottom line, writes Joanna Mendelssohn.

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Metadata regulation is needed, but the legislation before the Australian Parliament contains major flaw, writes George Williams.

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The government’s proposals to restrict Australians travelling to war zones, while not as invasive as some measures adopted overseas, do impose an onerous burden on travellers, writes Sangeetha Pillai. 

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Proponents of the 'right to be a bigot' are keen to ignore the historical contexts which gave birth to hate speech – something which minority groups should never forget, writes Fergal Davis.

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Something is fishy when bigots' rights are put ahead of protections for the vulnerable, writes Peter Balint. 

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The Coalition has dug itself into a deep hole before its proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act are even considered, writes Andrew Lynch. 

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Giving cabinet documents to a royal commission creates a precedent that could do long-term harm to our system of government and create a cycle of tit-for-tat inquiries at enormous cost to the taxpayer, writes George Williams.