George Williams

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George Williams asks: What should Malcolm Turnbull do if he receives a call seeking our involvement in an ill-conceived foreign conflict? 

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Australia has a long history of discriminatory refugee and immigration policies, writes George Williams


Recently retired Chief Justice Robert French maintained an exceptionally low rate of dissent during his term, according to analysis by UNSW Law.


We may not fare so well if we were to have a Prime Minister seeking to follow Trump's lead, writes George Williams.


The rise of a "whatever it takes" approach in Australian politics poses a major challenge for Susan Kiefel, the newly installed leader of the Australian judiciary, writes George Williams.


Australians who live overseas long-term are able to keep in touch with local issues and should be entitled to vote, writes George Williams.


Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act should be amended to apply only to language that will "degrade, intimidate or incite hatred or contempt", writes George Williams.


A number of parliamentarians could find their position compromised if the High Court gives a wide operation to what it means to have an 'indirect pecuniary interest', writes George Williams.

George Brandis

The resignation of Justin Gleeson is unprecedented in the 100-year history of the federal solicitor-general and casts doubt on the authority of the Attorney-General, writes George Williams.


The bitterness and division provoked by the marriage equality plebiscite debate stands in the way of Australia achieving a constitution that acknowledges and celebrates the existence of the nation's first peoples, writes George Williams.