George Williams

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Australia sets a double standard when it comes to foreign influence, writes George Williams.


Australia lacks of an effective system for the community to petition their elected representatives, writes George Williams.


If neither side reaches 76 seats, Australia could be faced with weeks of uncertainty, writes George Williams.


UNSW’s new Deans have wasted no time stepping into their roles and tell UNSW Magazine that creative, innovative thinking will be their driving force.

Law book

NSW law remains fixed in the 19th century in treating a woman who chooses to terminate her pregnancy as a criminal, writes George Wiliams.


Companies and unions do not donate funds out of a sense of altruism. They do so based on a hard-nosed calculation that giving money to politicians produces results, writes George Williams.

Richard Di Natale

While Labor and the Liberals express their disdain for the Greens, their tone will change if Australians vote for a hung parliament and the Greens hold the keys to the Lodge, writes George Williams.


If a High Court challenge to Australia's new rules for electing senators succeeds, it will have the impact of a sledgehammer on the 2016 election, writes George Williams.

Human Rights

The Cameron Government has committed to repealing the UK Human Rights Act 1998. George Williams looks at the debate and the Act's significance for countries using the Westminster system of government.

Merrick Garland

US Supreme Court appointments are infected with the bitter partisanship that pervades US politics while Australian Chief Justice Robert French's impending departure has excited barely a murmur.