George Williams


New terror laws run the risk of undermining the very freedoms we seek to preserve, writes George Williams.


Australia has made important steps when it comes to eradicating racial discrimination, but much remains to be done within our laws and the community, writes George Williams.

United Nations flag

Australia is happy to set down standards for other nations, but bristles when these same rules are applied to itself, writes George WiIlliams.


Far from making us safer, legislation allowing Australian citizenship to be stripped from dual nationals would make matters worse, writes George Williams.


Malcolm Turnbull must hope the Senate blocks moves to hold a plebiscite, saving him from having to follow through on a policy that he knows is a step in the wrong direction, writes George Williams.

Bronwyn Bishop

It is obvious that the system of parliamentary entitlements for federal politicians needs root and branch reform, writes George Williams.

Queen Elizabeth

A significant shift has occurred in the ALP on the idea of Australia becoming a republic, writes George Williams.

Aboriginal flag

The issue of Indigenous constitutional recognition needs purpose and urgency, or it will resettle into a pattern of drift and inaction, writes George Williams.


Although constitutional, new laws to strip the citizenship of dual nationals involved in terrorism are more far reaching than first thought and flawed, writes George Williams.

Aboriginal flag

Noel Pearson has injected an important new idea into the debate on recognising Aboriginal peoples in the Constitution – that Indigenous Australians must have a voice in the lawmaking process, writes George Williams.