Police at protest in Greece

A UNSW criminologist and an international relations expert walk into a bar … years later their discussions over drinks turn into a book.

A traditional village in Greece

The Greek Australian Archive will document the lives of post-war arrivals, their tales of success and adversity, and produce an online collection for the NSW State Library, says historian Nicholas Doumanis. 


Italy's economy is verging on bankrupt and its election results have dealt a hammer blow to the prospects of fixing things. The best option, financially at least, may be to put someone else at the helm.


They might be strays but the dogs of Athens represent hope, dignity and the human capacity for kindness in a new film by UNSW's Mary Zournazi. 

Greek dogs

In a city brought to its knees by austerity, filmmaker Mary Zournazi describes an unlikely wellspring of dignity and hope.


Greece's famous protest dog Loukanikos stars in a radio documentary, part of a new research project from UNSW’s Mary Zournazi.


He took Greece and Europe to the brink of economic disaster. Now again at his country's helm, Alex Tsipras just may be the perfect leader to steer Greece through its troubles, argues Richard Holden.  

iron rule

The latest EU bailout deal for Greece risks emboldening a growing neo-Nazi movement that is casting its gangs of thugs as saviours of the poor, writes Nick Apoifis.

Greece euro cracks

UNSW academics examine the Greek debt crisis and its consequences.


Greece borrowed too much money, had a giant party, and had no plan for how to pay it back. But economics isn't about the rear-view mirror, it's about the road ahead, and that looks increasingly rocky, writes Richard Holden.