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The 'first home super saver scheme' is bad economics, somewhat costly, and a cruel hoax on prospective buyers who are struggling with an out-of-control housing market, writes Richard Holden.


New research by UNSW's Social Policy Research Centre has found that shared home ownership schemes for people with disability bring potential benefits but also expose people to debt risks.

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We need to refrom negative gearing and boost housing supply. Affordability, financial stability and economic inequality are all riding on it, writes Richard Holden.


The problem is not just supply – action is needed on many fronts to address housing affordability, writes Hal Pawson.

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The community needs affordable housing and that requires meaningful targets for new developments. The only ones who will lose out are landholders who make windfall profits from rezoning. 


The tax advantages of housing offend against justice on every count, writes Anthony Asher.


Leaving housing empty and subsidised by government is both taxation lunacy and a national scandal, write Laurence Troy and Bill Randolph.


In 2015 I wrote a plan that uses the power of markets to tackle the housing affordability problem. Curiously, it's been booed by a pro-market government and welcomed by the Labor Party, writes Richard Holden.


New strata laws won't help housing affordability and may even leave some residents out in the cold, write Laurence Troy, Bill Randolph, Hazel Easthope and Laura Crommelin.

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Provision of affordable housing cannot be left to the market: it requires a commitment of government at all levels to develop well-integrated and properly funded policies, write Bill Randolph, Hal Pawson and Vivienne Milligan.